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Hi, I'm A Procedural Artist born in 1985 & creating Digital works since 1998 / physical Pieces since 2013***.

My current primary method of artwork distribution is based on transparent blockchain protocols that utilize carbon neutral technologies such as WAXP** for NFT's where all of my non-fungible tokens have been minted on since September 2020. Previously on EOSIO with PIXEOS and ETHEREUM* with SuperRare / KnownOrigin / Codex / MakersPlace / OpenSea / Rarible

*ETHEREUM LoveArtHate wallet is now a ZombieWallet...New Ethereum Address: 0xbDdEAc3D6dAA232deee37390eC3605E6b9c00E92
**Follow along a 7 - 13 year GIF WAXP Journey. . . EST. Sep 10, 2020 06:52:33 PM
***View over 350 Art Pieces 2014-2019

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