Travel on location draw nft Series

Build Wax House/Hostel/Residency

Explore Generative ADVERSARIAL Networks in both Machine Learning and Deep Learning ENVIRONMENTS while building out data set models alongside Multiple A.I.'s Into A Custom Built Artist/Analyst Dashboard for quick deployment of artwork

Side Projects

MoneyGan Image Set on Style-GAN-2 TensorFlow Colab Python

NFT images of results available here: (Sale ends 12/31/21)

~Image size of the outputs were set to 256 in order to reduce calculations by 50% from 512x512 pixel output.

~Purpose 1 of test; to utilize multiple technologies and platforms and execute an in house ability to understand a basic intro to Machine Learning, Data Learning, Deep Learning.

~Purpose 2 of test; research various automated autonomous scripts for batch edits and rapid deployments

~Purpose 3 of test; 150 total generated .GIF's, 90 edited horizontally, 12 uploaded as NFT's, 3 versions are allowed to be minted. Measure paths of all images through out life

Smart Contract First Development and research

~Update. Each NFT is a smart contract.

~Release Smart Contract EOSIO compatible dAPP Q2 2023 Q4 2024 (testing of smart contracts began in 2019 with ETH and TRX then EOSIO BLOKS TESTNET in 2021,research of EOSIO began in 2019).

~Build custom .py .js openAI API scripts across WAXP, EOSIO, ETH, BSC / TWITTER / TENSOR / PyTorch / Facebook / Instagram / Tumblr / Discord / Telegram , MoviePy, Etc

~Main focus CLEOS (if STUDIOEOS or C++ or .JS or .py Developers would like to chat, find me/us here:

Neri 27:4 AlienWorlds FanGif NFT Series

Artwork Data-set

~Create a key value array image database of all uploaded accessible artworks by Stefan Stignei and Aliases

~Ongoing . . .


load NFT's of : Tutorials, Travels, Portraits, Artworks, Opinions, Poetry, Code, {etc}

Study: JSON, REST, CLEOS, PY, HTML, OpenAI, JS, C++,

Work towards a new series...Complete/Continue ongoing series