Built a bicycle to tour the Pacific Coast in Oregon and California threw many counties. Traveled over 750 miles (1,210 kilometre's). Bicycle assembly started February 22nd and tour ended 4/21 (when bicycle was stolen in San Francisco)

Traveled to Lima from January 18 2022 to February 8 2022. Fantastic City . . . ran out of funds so had to return (because my Micro Scooter was stolen). Going to save up and try to go for a second time, maybe in 2044 again. Lovely place, friendly people.

Redeem any travel.nft in Person for a Hand Drawn Art Piece with an onsite Exclusive Mint 1/1 Accompanying NFT of drawn piece. (Size : small, utensils : pen, time : 5-30minutes, etc. all variables adjustable).

Visit the discord travel channel here: https://discord.com/invite/CHR6pprB9P

Must own an NFT from the travel.nft series here: https://wax.atomichub.io/market?collection_name=fundotxcutie&order=desc&schema_name=travel.nft

2022 Lima Peru General Info (Check your country of departure for all necessary travel info and plan accordingly)


I personally love to travel and connect with other enthusiasts of Art Culture Travel and Crypto. This way we can share our wonderful locations, tips/tricks, hidden gems, must see areas, discovered along the way and each year have one destination planned for 2022 it is Lima Peru.

2021 San Salvador El Salvador ~ The travel.nft series started in San Salvador and progressed down to Medellin Colombia

2022 Lima Peru (personal exact dates TBD, waiting on new passport) ~ Lets see what we write in 2023 here.

2023 Location TBD ~ Lets see what we write in 2024 here.

Lima Hostels: https://www.hostelworld.com/s?q=Lima,%20Peru&country=Peru&city=Lima&type=city&id=158 (around 17 WAXP per night at hostel for shared and 34 WAXP per night for private)

Another reason why I love to travel is staying at hostels and meeting so many amazing people. My normal routine for long term country stays is to check out a few hostals for a few days or weeks then decide on either renting out an AirBNB or a Private instead of a Dormatory in a Hostel.

Surf Camp I'll Check Out: https://www.booksurfcamps.com/waves-surf-camp-peru (399 WAXP for 2 weeks stay, food, and lessons, beginner to advance)

*WAXP prices fluctuate, check exchange rates